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Training in General

PBI can assist with induction and in-service training packages for professional staff in forensic settings. Several packages have already been developed or we can custom design training to your organisation's specific needs

Competency based Approach

Effective training addresses those competencies considered necessary to ensure effective, skilled and professional practice in diverse workplace settings.

The term 'competencies' has been used to reflect the range of skills and expertise expected of or demonstrated by a trained and fully functioning employee. Competencies then, encompass both the process (the 'how') and outcome (the 'what') of achieving professional and effective work practices.

Identifying those competencies, which enable critical work behaviours forms the baseline of any legitimate training needs analysis. It is intended however, that competencies should be viewed as interconnected, rather than as distinct or mutually exclusive activities.

Developing Training that Works

Pacific behaviour Interventions (PBI) seeks for mutually beneficial relations with employers whether they be Universities, Registration Boards, employers, unions and government agencies. By developing a comprehensive and reality-based statement of competencies as a consequence of initial training-needs analysis, PBI can work with various stakeholders to assist development of appropriate standards for training and professional development of staff.