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Pyschometric Testing > What Has Been Consistently Learned?

What Has Been Consistently Learned?

  1. Establishment and adherence to a standard recruitment protocol is necessary to obtain optimum results (reflected by subsequent staff retention and performance outcomes).
  2. Close collaboration and consultation regarding usage of both psychometric test results and interview outcomes provide best quality of trainee/ employee.
  3. Over-reliance on interview outcomes (ie ignoring of test results; especially attitudes/values) to meet organisational pressure to achieve trainee/ employee numbers, consistently produces subsequent organisational problems.
  4. Psychometric testing is not 'perfect' and can produce the occasional 'false positive' (ie a staff person who eventually proves to be unsuitable) however, in greatly reduced numbers as compared to previous organisational recruitment/ selection processes.
  5. Psychometric testing costs have a proven 'bottom-line' justification when compared to positive impact on subsequent organisational costs (terminations, industrial issues and replacement/ overtime costs) due to higher staff attendance and retention rates.