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Assessments for Managerial Selection and Appraisal


Tailored and targeted psychological assessment batteries provide objective information to aid in management recruitment and appraisal. Objective assessment of reasoning ability, critical thinking capacity, and personality characteristics are invaluable in determining the best match of candidate and managerial job requirements. Further, such assessments provide a realistic basis for ongoing monitoring and performance appraisal. Experience has demonstrated the utility of psychological assessment to further assist corporate executives in orderly and accountable succession planning.

Comprehensive evaluation of a candidate's mental abilities provides information about his/her basic capacity, from which reliable predictions can be made about the individual's likely on-the-job performance in specific managerial positions. The results from the tests provide percentile ratings for candidates which can be compared to the general population. Specific measures of verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning are assessed to provide insight into the candidate's basic lateral thinking ability, raw potential, and capacity to problem-solve using verbal and numerical reasoning. Analytical thinking ability and problem-solving capacity are also assessed, and results can be compared to executive and managerial groups.

Additionally, personality dimensions are evaluated to give an objective idea of the individual's suitability for the demand characteristics of the proposed position. Five (5) broad headings are generally considered relevant and useful for this purpose:

  • Leadership Skills
    Potential leadership ability (influence), social competence and comfort (personability)
  • Socialisation, Responsibility, Interpersonal Values, and Character
    Basic attitudes to work and to life in general (stability)
  • Achievement Potential and Intellectual Efficiency
    Orientation towards performance and indicative of an individual's level of self-motivation (initiative).
  • Intellectual and Interest Modes
    Level of interest in and capacity to read people, attitude to change, and level of sensitivity (social responsiveness).
  • Managerial Potential and Work Orientation
    Behavioural effectiveness, self-confidence, cognitive clarity, goal orientation; self-discipline, dedication to obligations, adherence to rule behaviour outputs effectiveness.

Finally, a clinical interview is conducted with each candidate to aid the interpretation of test results. Life experiences influence test outcomes, therefore; in order to provide the highest quality interpretation of test results, a full personal history is undertaken.

The Assessment Process

The following four (4) steps represent best practice in conducting a comprehensive psychological assessment for management (and executive) candidates, which can be comfortably completed within four (4) hours.

Step 1 - Tests of Mental Abilities
Step 2 - Test of Critical Thinking Ability
Step 3 - Personality Assessment
Step 4 - Clinical Interview

Tests can be administered either individually or in small groups, however, individual administration has proven more appropriate for management and executive level positions. While an obvious economy of scale exists with small group administration, the accompanying loss of privacy is counter-productive to managerial recruitment protocols.

The total assessment process, including the thirty minute clinical interview takes each candidate approximately four (4) hours to complete. The conjoint use of three (3) separate rooms and tandem scheduling of test administration allows for full assessment of up to six (6) candidates in one (1) day.

The Report Format

A comprehensive report is provided which includes the following sections which may vary slightly according to whether the report is to be used as a front-end selection tool or with existing managers to establish career succession planning options.

  • Executive Summary and Conclusions
  • Professional Recommendation/s
  • Position Description
  • Abilities Assessment
  • Critical Thinking Assessment
  • Personality Assessment

The Cost *

The market rate based on the Australian Psychological Society's recommended fee for a psychological assessment . Services can be delivered by PBI at a reduced rate per individual for groups of five (5) or more candidates or to preferred suppliers who guarantee a minimum of 20 assessments in one twelve month period.

* These offers are made based on standard commercial 30 day payment arrangements.