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Jack B
"Twelve weeks made such a difference! Like a lot of separated men, I thought I could get through it all the same way I had survived other difficult periods of my life; by basically toughing it out. It wasn't until I really got into the MENDS program that I realised how self-destructive I was being, and how I used my kids to deal with my grief and losses. The program really helped me find out who I really was and to stop pretending to be someone else. Thanks guys!"

Angelo P.
"What can I say except that MENDS works. I'm grateful for my friend who had to twist my arm to go along to a MENDS information session. I didn't really want to, but I found it so different to what I expected. I looked forward to each of the sessions and nearly all of them related directly to me personally. I'd recommend to any separated man without reservation."

Nick B.
"The MENDS program offered me hope and delivered me a new life. It showed me a way out of how I was feeling. I was stuck in a crazy emotional space that was eating me up. The course content provided me with the right information and support at just the right time. The association with other men made me realise that I wasn't alone in what I was experiencing. The facilitators were great and helped me look at myself properly. The whole experience definitely changed me for the better. I personally owe a lot to the MENDS program."

Daniel C.
As a result of my MENDS group participation, I believe I have changed in the following ways:

  • Accepted my situation better
  • Able to cope with life's problems better
  • A more confident person.

Michael W.
The things I enjoyed most about meeting as a MENDS group was being able to talk openly about my situation, to those that could understand what I was going through.

David P.
I would recommend the MENDS program to others because it gets the anger off your chest. You're not the only bloke in the boat, and the program helps you to see that there is like at the end of the tunnel; and you can talk to guys that are in the same position as you.

Stephen T.
As a result of my MENDS participation, I now believe that I have not lost everything; ie financially and my kids, and that though things do change, I now have the power to change with them.

Brendan D.
I would recommend the MENDS program to others because there is a great need for this and more for a great many men.

Anthony W.
Thanks to this course, my family and friends have commented that I have become less aggravated and have learned how to accept the things that ARE.

Matthew B.
I believe I have changed in that before, I was spinning mentally; and I had no one I could really talk to about my situation before. After reading heaps and talking lots, I have become a much more calmer, accepting person.

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