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B-PAD > What is B-PAD?

What is B-PAD?

Behavioral Personnel Assessment Devices

…A series of behavioral video tests to measure interpersonal skills and common sense judgment.

Developed for public safety selection by
The B-PAD Group, Inc.

B-PAD is a video test: a structured, valid and fair method for seeing both entry-level and promotional candidates perform essential job functions before deciding to promote them or offer them a job. B-PAD is not a test of knowledge; rather, it is a test of the candidate's interpersonal competence in dealing with different types of people in different job-specific situations.

Video-based performance testing --

  • Uses standardized, job-relevant video scenarios to simulate real life
  • Captures behavioral responses to these scenarios
  • Requires the demonstration of ability
  • Can reliably predict job performance related to the assessed competencies

The Advantages of B-PAD Performance Testing --

  • Measures common sense and people skills
  • Increased standardization
  • Less costly and faster than oral boards
  • Gender and ethnic fairness
  • Absence of practice effects
  • Documentation and accountability