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Contents of the Latest Book


Chapter 1 - What's Happening Right Now

Case Studies - Re Separation Shock
Different Perspectives
How is Separation Shock Effecting You?
Separation Effects - Common Symptoms
Separation Adjustments

Chapter 2 - Reconnecting with Yourself

Healing from the Inside Out
Self-Auditing For Change
Pain versus Suffering
Head Talk Verses Heart Talk
Health Issues

Chapter 3 - Reconnecting with Children

What the Kids are going through?
Separation disputes
Model - Separation Effects on Children
Contact Planning Sheet
Hang on to Your Kids…There's Hope!

Chapter 4 - Reconnecting with Others

Why are so many marriages going belly up?
REASONS Given (by Men) for their Relationship Break-ups
A Relationship is in Trouble when
Gender Specific Flags (of relationship difficulty)
Post-Separation Pathways
Building New Relationships

Chapter 5 - Significant Others

The Business of Working with Men
What's happening with Men
Male Engagement Concepts
Emotional Inheritance: An Enabling Concept for Males in Crisis
Head Talk Versus Heart Talk
Too Many Words to Fight the Good Fight
The Trunk-Trap, Mirrors and Angles
Cold Feet does not Equal Cold Hearts
The Illusion of Control
Institutionalised Ambulance-Chasing

Chapter 6 - Resources

Family Law Overview
The Principal Adopted by the Family Court in Respect of Children
Family Law Terminology
Tips and Traps
Triggers, Moves & Critical Decisions
Strategic Options
Structured Autobiography