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A Message to the Reader

Either you're a separated man or at risk of being so; otherwise you are unlikely to be reading this book. Since many women also read this kind of book, you may be the mother, sister, friend or even the "ex" of a separated man. You might also be a practitioner or academic, working with or studying men in relationship difficulties. This book is primarily targeted to men whose primary relationship is in deep trouble or at an end. Whether you're physically separated or not, then you're going to be referred to as a 'separated man'. If you're anyone else, then you might want to start reading the 'Significant Others' section first.

This book has been written as a reader for the MENDS (Men Exploring New Directional Strategies) program for separated men but the self-analysis and self-help approaches can be helpful to men at any stage of relationship difficulty. Many of the core concepts are covered in the MENDS program, but that is not to say that it's entirely necessary to attend that program to obtain value from this book. It does need to be said, however, that simply reading this book and trying the suggestions cannot be compared to the value of being concurrently supported by a structured program. Any person's ability to contain difficulties and to maintain positive changes is dramatically improved when they're supported. So a couple of simple messages for those separated men before we even get started. Firstly, DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS TIME TOTALLY UNSUPPORTED!

For those of you who are desperate; ring somebody now…..please.

Long overdue government funding is progressively resourcing men's helplines around this country. Take a chance and ring up; even if you've never done anything like that ever before. DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS TIME TOTALLY UNSUPPORTED!

Those of you who do find this book helpful, please write, phone or email me. I'm very interested in feedback (positive or negative) regarding those elements that did make some difference to you.

So let's learn together.

Owen C. Pershouse
Brisbane. April 2000
PO Box 240

Ph. (+617) 33596633
Email pbi@pacificbehaviour.com

PS. This writer is keenly aware of the sensitivities of many of the stakeholders and community of people affected by separation and divorce. The history of persons and organisations supporting men has often reflected short-lived, reactionary, gender-myopic and even anti-social and small p political elements. In order to put pay to any concerns, a published set of operational values for MENDS is offerred in this book.